Art Director, Stock Photographer and Pixel Image Illustrator

Hello, my friend.

Want to find affordable pictures for your publication needs? Now it’s easier than ever for you to get the assets you need for your web, print or social media projects, at a low-cost price.

I am a stock photography contributor, pixel image artist and vector illustrator, working full-time in my own advertising agency as an art director. Most stock image agencies know me by my pen name Anterovium.

My stock images and illustrations can be bought through major stock image agencies, for instance Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime and Depositphotos. You can find direct links into my comprehensive stock portfolios in Contact page. Inexpensive photos, images and illustrations are just few clicks away!

Scroll down to see my favourite subjects, gear and services.

My Favourite Subjects


Ideas come alive in image editing


Travelling there


Far and beyond

Things and technology

Usually in 3D or with a touch of it


The whole spectrum

My Gear

  • Canon cameras and lenses
  • Apple computers and phones
  • Adobe Creative Cloud software
  • Strata 3D software

My Services

  • Digital photography
  • Image editing
  • Pixel illustrations and 3D
  • Vector logos and illustrations

Need Professional Stock Images?